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Team Collaboration

EastFx's communication and collaboration system is both highly advanced and user-friendly. Its resemblance to popular web-based services significantly reduces the learning curve for newcomers.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Please utilize the following Google Meet rooms for communication with other team members or clients. Ensure that only relevant members are present in the meeting room before discussing any confidential matters. During client meetings, maintain professionalism not only towards clients but also towards each other.

Meeting Room 1: (Suitable for client meetings) Google Meet Link:

Meeting Room 2: TeamFx Google Meet Link:

Meeting Room 3: MediaFx Google Meet Link:

Meeting Room 4: AvFx Google Meet Link:

Meeting Room 5: IndiaFx Google Meet Link:



Our email system offers every feature available in popular web services. It provides integrated chat and supports attachments up to 20MB. It also features a labeling system similar to the traditional folder system. With an inbox size larger than 6GB, emails are organized into conversations, making it easy to track responses. EastFx colleagues' email addresses are automatically added to your address book.


Our fully online office suite allows you to create word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can easily share and collaboratively edit these documents in real-time.


Our online scheduling facility enables you to share specific calendars with specific individuals, making scheduling and coordination effortless.


You can log in to Google Hangouts using your EastFx ID (e.g., and password to chat with EastFx colleagues and Gmail users.



The EastFx team is entitled to 10 holidays per year, which will be collectively decided by the team. Any changes to the holiday list must also be made collectively by the team.

  1. 13 Jan - Saturday - Lohri

  2. 15 Jan - Monday - Pongal

  3. 8 Mar - Friday - Maha Shivaratri

  4. 9 Apr - Tuesday - Ugadi

  5. 17 Jun - Monday - Ramadan

  6. 1 May - Wednesday - May day

  7. 13 May - Monday - Election Day

  8. 7 Sep - Saturday - Vinayaka Chaturthi

  9. 31 Oct - Thursday - Diwali

  10. 12 Oct - Saturday - Dussehra



Each team member is expected to work for nine hours every day, including break time. It is mandatory to log in at the beginning of the workday and log out at the end of the workday using the provided form at the bottom of the page. While the timings are flexible, they must fully overlap with the minimum working hours of 10 AM to 5 PM. For instance, if you prefer to start your shift at 9 AM, your logout time will be 6 PM. If you choose to schedule your shift starting at 10 AM, it will extend until 7 PM. You must coordinate your timings with your immediate supervisor. Fixed timings will not apply during days of emergency work, events, or shoots.

Completion of Work

Every employee is expected to complete their work within the office timings. If they are unable to do so, they should review their workflow and report to their supervisor.

Late Arrivals

Employees who log in late by more than 15 minutes will be marked as late, and every three instances of lateness will be counted as a leave.



Every EastFx team member is entitled to one paid leave every month. If a leave is not used, it will be accrued and can be utilized in the following months. For instance, if you haven't taken any leave in January and February, you are eligible for three paid leaves in March. To request leave, please fill out the leave form available on the following link, and if your leave is approved, you will be notified.

It's important to note that two team members with the same work profile cannot be granted leave on the same dates. Please coordinate with your colleagues when applying for leave.

When granted leave, you are expected to complete the work for the leave days in advance. For tasks that cannot be completed beforehand, you should arrange for a colleague to handle your workload and coordinate with them to ensure the work is completed. Leave is intended for physical absence, and your workflows should not come to a halt during your absence.

If a team member fails to request leave at least three days in advance, they will lose two days of pay for each day of leave, even if the leave has been granted. This exception applies only in cases of medical emergencies.

In instances where a team member is absent without official leave sanction, they will lose four days of pay for each day of unauthorized absence, which may also result in termination. Paid leave will not be considered in such cases, even if available.


Exit Policy

Any team member wishing to resign from EastFx to pursue better opportunities will be encouraged and supported but must provide a notice period of at least thirty days. If the team member cannot meet the notice period requirement, they will be required to pay an amount equivalent to one month's salary. The departing team member is expected to play a leading role in selecting and training their replacement.

Safety Deposit

A deposit equivalent to ten days' salary is held from each employee as a safeguard against equipment loss or leaving the company without notice. When an employee leaves the company, the deposit is returned to them after deducting any outstanding dues, if applicable.


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